As the dynamic situation in Tel Aviv evolves, Virgin Atlantic's flying programme is under constant review. See our dedicated landing page for updates: Update to Virgin Atlantic's Tel Aviv flying programme

Virgin Atlantic flying schedule from London HeathrowTerminal 2 (subject to change)

Route Date launched September Frequency
Hong Kong 20th July 3 per week
New York JFK 21st July Daily 
Los Angeles 21st July Daily
Barbados 1st August

1 per week

Shanghai 4th August 2 per week
Miami 18th August 3 per week
Delhi 1st September 3 per week
Tel Aviv 6th September 3 per week
Lagos 10th September 4 per week
Atlanta 15th September  3 per week
Mumbai 16th September 4 per week

(Virgin Atlantic operates temporarily from Terminal 2 at Heathrow, due to HAL’s terminal consolidation. Virgin Atlantic will return to its much-loved home at London Heathrow Terminal 3 when demand at Heathrow grows, enabling Terminal 3 to reopen)

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