Boeing 787-9

This innovative aircraft joined the Virgin Atlantic fleet in October 2014. The 787s (and A330s) represent a huge leap for Virgin Atlantic, and as a whole industry in improving their carbon footprint.

Keep your eyes peeled for Dream Girl (G-VAHH), Miss Chief (G-VOOH), Dream Jeannie (G-VZIG), Ruby Murray (G-VYUM), Mystery Girl (G-VWHO), Olivia-Rae (G-VCRU), Miss Moneypenny (G-VSPY), Maid Marian (G-VOWS), Lucy in the Sky (G-VDIA), Queen Bee (G-VBZZ), West End Girl (G-VMAP), Pin Up Girl (G-VFAN), Pearly Queen (G-VBOW), Lady Freedom (G-VBEL), Leading Lady (G-VWOO), Penny Lane (G-VNYL) and Birthday Girl (G-VNEW).

Seat dimensions

  Economy Light and Classic

Economy Delight

Premium Upper Class
Width of seat Up to 17'' Up to 17'' 21'' 22''
Seat recline 5'' 5'' Up to 8'' 17-42 degrees and flat once in bed mode
Seat pitch Up to 31'' Up to 34'' Up to 38'' n/a

787 seat map

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